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Le Trone du Nord - List of Participants

1. Sylvain aka "Slyde59"FMarly-Lannisterporte epiqueyes0
2. Alexis aka "Faell"FCarvin72TargaryenLes Michelyes0
3. Séb aka "tyrion62"FFouquières Lez Lens65Starkalliance du pas de calaisyes0
4. Arnaud aka "Jolyane"FNeuville saint rémy243Night's Watchyes0
5. Jeremie aka "Mimikilou"FLoos En Gohelle126Night's WatchTrône de Terrayes0
6. Nicolas aka "Elphiroce"FAthies64LannisterLes Michelyes0
7. Julien aka "sevis"FVouziers183StarkLes Gruicks Ardentsyes0
8. Thibault aka "VaeVictis_"FCharleville-Mézières122Free FolkLes Gruicks Ardentsyes0
9. Lecomte aka "Cochondinde-nator"FHaybes145LannisterLes Gruicks Ardentsyes0
10. Benoit aka "Beor"FLambersart226Free Folkyes0

Distribution of Armies
Free Folk:2
Night's Watch:2
Distribution of Origins
Pas-de-Calais (62):4
Ardennes (08):3
Nord (59):2
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