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Mandale à Roquevidal - List of Participants

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1. Camille aka "Hebus_"FMontrabé159Saurian AncientsOrganono
2. Guillaume aka "White-walker"FBourg Saint Bernard235Ogre KhansOgrenono
3. Lucas aka "AzzRaHell"FVerfeil207Warriors of the Dark GodsJeux Tablenono
4. Maxime aka "d_Estro"FToulouse10Kingdom of EquitaineOrknazesnono
5. Emmanuel aka "Dolboth"FToulouse42Daemon LegionsLa grosse poutrenono
6. Mathieu aka "LaFleche"FLavaur231Kingdom of EquitaineJeux Tablenono
7. Yannick aka "Papy_Mougeot"FToulouse258Åsklandersla poutre est dans le prénono
8. Vivien aka "Trip"FRoquevidal235Highborn ElvesJeux Tablenono
9. César aka "Meuh"FToulouse144Empire of SonnstahlOrknazesnono
10. Graham aka "Grammy"FToulouse428Vampire CovenantJeux Tablenono

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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