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Star Wars Legion "New Hope for MelBel Con" 500 Punkte Turnier - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Daniel aka "DTW"DMönchengladbach11Galactic RepublicDTWno
2. Lars aka "Rautenfreund"DWuppertal-SeparatistsDie Bergischen Malifüchseno
3. Finn aka "Finn"DJever1Galactic RepublicAlderaaner Wochenschauno
4. Jannik aka "Jaran"DHemmoor51SeparatistsAlderaaner Wochenschauno
5. Erik Marcus aka "HTZ345"DAhlen-Galactic Republicno
6. Christian aka "bzbe"DAhlen-Empireno
7. Marcus aka "Lasse"DMünster-Empireno
8. Jens aka "freakenstein"DBielefeld-EmpireBad Influenceno

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