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l'apocalypse des gônes - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Hugo aka "Minus_"FSault-Brénaz43Askarino
2. Patrice aka "Cerumno"FDistroff42Clan BamakaPCFPIno
3. Gregory aka "Rafaruto"FStrasburg8Dante's Angelsno
4. William aka "X-Will"FJanneyrias-ResistanceSalopards de rebellesno
5. Guillaume aka "courleciel"FJanneyrias113ResistanceSalopards de rebellesno
6. Thibault aka "Okarn"FVersailles13Clan KhanSaucisse Merguezno
7. Laurent aka "megar"FChaville28Clan KhanSaucisse Merguezno
8. Antonin aka "TotoNosis"FDistroff80ISCPCFPIno
9. Julien aka "JujuMc_Cain"FDistroff108ISCPCFPIno
10. Sylvain aka "Nedzegob"FToulouse17NephilimsPCFPIno
11. Quentin aka "Bwaaaane"FNanterre1NephilimsPCFPIno

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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