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Je n'aime que toi petite fleur des champs 9th age - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. François aka "Jaina"FRouen92Empire of SonnstahlHOT&BASH Normandyno0
2. Racoon aka "BlackRacoon"FRouen209Daemon LegionsSpace Catinsno0
3. Jonas aka "LeonTrodSkill"FRouen124Undying DynastiesSpace Catinsno0
4. Thomas aka "totojako"FAuby108Dwarven Holdsl'Allianceno0
5. William aka "wil7"LLuxembourg349Daemon LegionsHenri's Chosenno0
6. Marc aka "Leith"FBordeaux22Empire of SonnstahlLes Résistants Battleno0
7. Gaspard aka "Gaspacho"FRouen77Orcs and GoblinsHOT&BASH Normandyno0
8. Jordan aka "Shoups"Fmagny en vexin-Infernal DwarvesSpace Catinsno0
9. Clément aka "Kingstiger"FRouen-Sylvan ElvesSpace Catinsno0
10. Virgil aka "Bily"FRouen302Empire of SonnstahlSpace Catinsno0
11. Nicolas aka "Branlibu"FDouai155Warriors of the Dark Godsl'Allianceno0

List of teams

Registered teams
1HOT&BASH NormandyJaina, Gaspacho
2Space CatinsBlackRacoon, LeonTrodSkill, Shoups, Kingstiger, Bily
3l'Alliancetotojako, Branlibu
4Henri's Chosenwil7
5Les Résistants BattleLeith

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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