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X-Wing Turnier - 3. Larrieder Spieletage - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Danny aka "X-WingRookie"DGrafenrheinfeld414First Ordernono
2. Andre aka "ikit_claw"DWürzburg195Scum and VillainySchweinfurter Fantasy Festivalnono
3. Henry aka "Drabblmann"DUffenheim220Galactic EmpireFrangge Flieschanono
4. Chris aka "Arionimus"DBruchsal1503Separatist AllianceWookieetreibernono
5. Stefan aka "Finti-PZ143"DFriedrichsthal589Galactic Republicnono
6. Björn aka "Astro-Baer"DFeuchtwangen614Scum and Villainynono
7. Martin aka "Uboot"DBürgstadt770Rebel Alliancenono
8. Manish aka "Tharlin"DRauenberg2Galactic EmpireWookieetreibernono
9. Veronika aka "Naju"DRauenberg325Rebel AllianceWookieetreibernono

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