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07.12.19 Münchner WM/Hordes Turnier Vol. 12: Clash of Champions - List of Participants

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1. Thomas aka "Chevelle"DFreising29GrymkinRacoon Squadno
2. Hannes aka "klatschi"DWurmannsquick-TrollbloodTTC Passauno
3. Danny aka "Wutini"DFürstenfeldbruck16MinionsRacoon Squadno
4. Martin aka "Prometheus"DMünchen24Legion of EverblightKommander Wurschtbrotno
5. Daniel aka "Kordaan"DIlmmünster393Khadorno
6. David aka "DaveRocka"DBad Griesbach67Legion of EverblightTTC Passauno
7. Sascha aka "Ragnarok2728"DEuernbach276Legion of EverblightLucky Diceno
8. Thomas aka "KomWu"DMünchen30Crucible GuardKommander Wurschtbrotno

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