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Perfid Masters Unleashed - Warmach - Solo 1 journée - List of Participants

1. Julien aka "Zam"FBrunoy98The Skorneno
2. David aka "Krador"FMassy42KhadorNi Dieu ni Maître ni Equipeno
3. Emilie aka "Shreddinette"FParis2InfernalsAu boulot Zam !no
4. Mathieu aka "Boneblade"FLe Perray En Yvelines25Convergence of Cyrissno
5. Jason aka "slec"FIvry-sur-Seine17Retribution of Scyrahyes
6. Olivier aka "supreme-dominar"FPlessis-Barbuise479The Skorne1DTROYESno

Distribution of Armies
The Skorne:2
Convergence of Cyriss:1
Retribution of Scyrah:1
Distribution of Origins
Essonne (91):2
Aube (10):1
Paris (75):1
Yvelines (78):1
Val-de-Marne (94):1
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