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II. Westfälische Begegnungskeilerei - List of Participants

1. Matthias aka "Bartuk-Matthias"DTelgte-Seraphonyes
2. Max aka "driemster"DMünster-Kharadron Overlordsyes
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
3. Timo aka "Mangler"DMünster241Blades of Khorneno
4. Julian aka "Kowa"DOsnabrück64IronjawzSpVgg Osnabrückno
5. Marcus aka "Lasse"DMünster355Ossiarch BonereapersKnüppelhaseno
6. Flo aka "Pinselgrot"DGoldenstedt73Grand Alliance DestructionSpVgg Osnabrückno
7. Christoph aka "Isak"DRecke112Grand Alliance OrderSpVgg Osnabrückno
8. Kev aka "Jackdaw"DBerlin-Blades of KhorneSpVgg Osnabrückno
9. Fabian aka "Pitbeast"DMelle58Blades of KhorneAnodizersno
10. Bartholomäus aka "Aasfresser"DMünster-Gloomspite Gitzno
11. Nick aka "Embravo"DHamburg346SeraphonTeam Nordfrontno
12. Thommy aka "pain4you"DGoldenstedt86Bretonniano
13. Niels aka "QTosh"DLüdinghausen93Hedonites of SlaaneshMinyartsno
14. Stefan aka "Bossk"DOsnabrück75GutbustersSpVgg Osnabrückno
15. Marcel aka "DuxAngelus"DNottuln-Kharadron Overlordsno
16. Thomas aka "Cdr_Tom"DMünster-Ironjawzno
17. Max aka "Learchus1992"DMünster-Slaves to DarknessDie anndernno
18. Thomas aka "eisenherz"DGelsenkirchen-Blades of KhorneTableTopClubRuhrgebietno

The tournament has reached the allowed limit of 18 players. Please contact the organizer for further details.

Distribution of Armies
Kharadron Overlords:1
Distribution of Origins
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