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la rentrée des équipes - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Sébastien aka "Korogoth"FMouans-Sartoux738T'au EmpireChouchou et Loulouno
2. Stéphanie aka "Einhabet"FMouans Sartoux-Death GuardChouchou et Loulouno
3. Sylvain aka "Kostakis"FMougins388YnnariCmmf 1no
4. Stéphane aka "Khal06"FNice46TyranidsNWA 1no
5. Fabrice aka "scaleo8357"FLe Muy151T'au EmpireCfveno
6. Emeric aka "Gros_steak"FRollot6DeathwatchMargarita poolno

List of teams

Registered teams
1Chouchou et LoulouKorogoth, Einhabet
2Cmmf 1Kostakis
3NWA 1Khal06
5Margarita poolGros_steak

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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