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Convention Grabuge 2020 - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Nicolas aka "bifron"FLaunaguet711Blood AngelsLauna'gamersnono
2. Pierre-Charles aka "PcM"FToulouse1017Chaos DaemonsLauna'gamersnono
3. Sebastien aka "Saebjorn"FPérigueux577Space MarinesTielle Teamnono
4. Sebastien aka "ptitou34"FSete925Adepta SororitasTielle Teamnono
5. Renaud aka "Renarion"FBéziers1189T'au EmpireGom jabbarnono
6. Rémy aka "Final64"FLuquet46Space MarinesLa loosenono
7. Yoann aka "yolu2006"FPort La Nouvelle139Space MarinesSudUniteDnono
8. Emeric aka "Gros_steak"FRollot21DeathwatchDuo Ludisnono
9. Yann aka "Sinistro"FJuvignac-Chaos Space Marinesnono
10. Rodéric aka "MiniVect"FFleury-Les-Aubrais334T'au EmpireWargames32nono
11. Thierry aka "Attila-roi-des-uns"FISTRES2301Chaos Space MarinesLes Stratèges du XIIInono
12. Philippe aka "Nekromonder"FIstres6115Adeptus MechanicusLes Stratèges du XIIInono
13. Olivier aka "great_harlock"Fvitrolles797Necronsbdr figurinesnono
14. Nicolas aka "Oegardun"FVitrolles830Space MarinesBDR figurinesnono

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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