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Horus Heresy Event "Die Rückeroberung von Dunkeld" - List of Participants

1. Stephan aka "Josua-"DHamburg4Sons of HorusVerräteryes
2. Martin aka "Sturmwolf"DHamburg1Space WolvesLoyalistenyes
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
3. Alexander aka "DHDR"DStade15Blood AngelsLoyalistenno
4. Oliver aka "KonradCurze"DHamburg12Iron WarriorsLoyalistenno
5. Timm aka "Appolyon"DKönigswinter17Imperial Militia and CultsLoyalistenno
6. Andre aka "Droemel"DOldenburg26Imperial FistsLoyalistenno
7. Lasse aka "Das_Vieh"DStade2Death GuardVerräterno
8. Katharina aka "Obscura3XIX"DLüdenscheid18Emperor's ChildrenVerräterno
9. Robert F. aka "Xantalora"DLüdenscheid5Death GuardVerräterno
10. Hauke aka "JayCop"DKiel11Word BearersVerräterno
11. Kevin aka "t-shirt"DOldenburg35Ordo ReductorLoyalistenno

Distribution of Armies
Sons of Horus:1
Space Wolves:1
Distribution of Origins
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