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Tournoi alliance au Hangar - List of Participants

1. Achille aka "Woodmaker"FFontenay Sous Bois9Ironsoul's CondemnersTrollmastersno
2. Nicolas aka "mr_nicephore"FSaint-Ouen22Lady Harrow's MournflightGuerre au garageno
3. Théo aka "Pook420"FLe Plessis-Trévise59Garrek's ReaversTrollmastersno
4. Olivier aka "Orchall"FParis2Ironskull's BoyzTrollmastersno
5. Valentin aka "loysdeplaisance"FParis31Garrek's Reavers123!no
6. Ethan aka "Zeti"FAunay-Sous-Auneau41Sepulchral Guard123!no
7. Sylvain aka "Schreck"FNantes366Lady Harrow's MournflightLes chips dans le slipno
8. Anthony aka "Sp0ny"FAulnay Sous Bois-Skaeth's Wild HuntLes chips dans le slipno

List of teams

1TrollmastersWoodmaker, Pook420, Orchall
2Guerre au garagemr_nicephore
3123!loysdeplaisance, Zeti
4Les chips dans le slipSchreck, Sp0ny

Distribution of Armies
Garrek's Reavers:2
Lady Harrow's Mournflight:2
Ironskull's Boyz:1
Ironsoul's Condemners:1
Sepulchral Guard:1
Skaeth's Wild Hunt:1
Distribution of Origins
Paris (75):2
Seine-Saint-Denis (93):2
Val-de-Marne (94):2
Eure-et-Loir (28):1
Loire-Atlantique (44):1
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