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Tournoi Age Of Gobelins II - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Julien aka "at-st66"FSt Génis Des Fontaines-Gloomspite Gitztwilligt goblinsnono
2. Philippe aka "elpresidente"FPonteilla442Gloomspite Gitzles gobelins solitairesnono
3. Ludovic aka "ludwig66"FLe Soler501Skavenles gobelins solitairesnono
4. Dark aka "Vador66"FSalses Le Chateau469Ossiarch Bonereapersles gobelins solitairesnono
5. Régis aka "Our-Sagratt"FToulouges411Orruk WarclansLes Gobelins Solitairesnono
6. François aka "Francois66"FSaint André381Blades of Khorneles gobelins solitairesnono
7. Rémi aka "Morgrom"FToulouse198Ogor Mawtribesnono
8. Benjamin aka "griffablanc"FMillau-Cities of Sigmarnono
9. Pierre aka "moltarte"FPomérols139Ogor Mawtribesmoi stratège, toi peintrenono

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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