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Troll N Roll Tournoi 40K Troll d'hiver - List of Participants

1. Tanguy aka "fratan"Brêves107Blood Angelsfull optionsyesyes
2. Loic aka "Soeval"BTintigny119Adepta SororitasTroll N Rollyesyes
3. Benjamin aka "DBZ-buu-buu"FReims23Dark Angelsyesyes
4. Julien aka "Spitze"BEtalle218NecronsTroll N Rollyesyes
5. Ludovic aka "LudoSan"Bliège211NecronsLiègea primusyesyes
6. Guillaume aka "Guillou"BSeneffe1Space MarinesBeer and chainswordyesyes
7. Denis aka "Dragon_57"FMontigny Les Metz32Chaos DaemonsLCDPyesyes
8. Florian aka "Kaass"BChaineux1285NecronsLiègea primusyesyes
9. Florian aka "Floz16"BWayaux79NecronsFull optionyesyes
10. Yannick aka "eznael"BArlon33Dark AngelsTroll N Rollyesyes
11. Simon aka "Ezeviel"BUccle81Adepta Sororitasyesyes
12. Louis aka "tordek_urside"BNamur3Adeptus MechanicusBolt Club Gunyesyes
13. Julien aka "Dawnstrike"BArlon202T'au EmpireTroll N Rollyesyes
14. Loïc aka "elmout"BGerpinnes4Death Korps of KriegBeer and chainswordyesyes
15. Marc aka "Necrosadeptus"BOverijse2NecronsMMMyesyes
16. Antoine aka "AntoineH05"BBastogne50Space WolvesTroll N Rollyesyes
17. Jordan aka "joe"BCarnières66Adepta SororitasImaginariumyesyes
18. Sébastien aka "Wally"LCapellen123Grey KnightsTroll N Rollyesyes

Distribution of Armies
Adepta Sororitas:3
Dark Angels:2
Adeptus Mechanicus:1
Blood Angels:1
Chaos Daemons:1
Death Korps of Krieg:1
Grey Knights:1
Space Marines:1
Space Wolves:1
T'au Empire:1
Distribution of Origins
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