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Deuxième Tournoi 500 points de Star Wars : Légion - List of Participants

1. Jimmy aka "Jimbo34"FFrontignan-Empire501eme Legionyesno
2. Arthur aka "Petit-Rebelle"FCunlhat-RebelsBTRnono
3. Martial aka "Canouille"FCunlhat-RebelsBTRnono
4. Christophe aka "Petit-Batard"FCunlhat-EmpireBTRnono
5. Thibaut aka "Sckhrat"FMontpellier-EmpireÉquipe n°3nono
6. Frédérick B.F-Rebelsyesno
7. (anonym)-Galactic RepublicLes Banthas Soyeuxyesno
8. Guillaume aka "Grymlog"FSaint-Jean-De-Védas-EmpireLes Banthas Soyeuxyesno
9. Ridick J.FMontpellier-Galactic Republicyesno
10. Steven M.FMontpellier-Empireyesno
11. Henry aka "petit_biscuit"FMontpellier-Empireyesno
12. Xavier aka "Zitro"FMontpellier-Galactic Republicnono

Distribution of Armies
Galactic Republic:3
Distribution of Origins
Hérault (34):9
Puy-de-Dôme (63):3
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