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tournoi des 15 légons blood bowl 1er édition - List of Participants

1. Jérôme aka "Johnmoon"FSaint-Laurent De Brevedent-OrcsJeux & Cauxyesyes
2. Alexandre aka "Tichewie"FBolbec-ChaosLes Ultimes Guerriersyesyes
3. Kévin aka "darok888"FSainte-Adresse-Undeadyesyes
4. William aka "Ashaba"FLe Havre-OrcsLes kas kranyesyes
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
5. François aka "K2TAU"FLe Havre609LizardmenDetMnoyes
6. Paul aka "Bloodman40k"FSaussay-Dark ElvesLes Ultimes Guerriersnono
7. Vigreux aka "Seb27"FBolbec-Dark Elvesnono
8. Nicolas aka "Manifiko"FLe Havre-Wood Elvesnono

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Seine-Maritime (76):4
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