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FRENCH WARGAME DAYS: STAR WARS LEGION - prime championship - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Philippe aka "Pilip"FBrison-saint-innocent6RebelsStartifletteno
2. Thomas aka "Harck"FVoiron21EmpireGreenShootno
3. Vincent aka "Vinnc"FAnnemasse16Empireno
4. Frédéric aka "Bobafred69"FVénissieux69RebelsClub Achilleno
5. Charles aka "Weena"FBeaucaire-Rebelsno
6. Laud aka "Laud"FThoiry36Galactic Republicno
7. Alexandre aka "Arkalion"FThoiry17Galactic Republicno
8. Robin aka "Kraztos"FGrenoble-Empireno
9. Cyrill aka "RyoSWLFR"FWasquehal3SeparatistsSWL FRno
10. Alex aka "cupcake_hunter"FMontpellier67RebelsNotre Dame de l'Espaceno
11. Remy aka "Ymreh"FReims-Empireno
12. Marc-André aka "Fennings"FGrenoble-Galactic RepublicBibliothèques Arcadiennesno
13. Nicolas aka "Solatar38"FRevel-EmpireBibliothèques Arcadiennesno
14. Olivier aka "Inossatam"FVoiron9Galactic Republicno
15. Philippe aka "LePolak"CHLamboing42Rebelsno
16. Nicolas aka "noki"FMarseille-EmpireTLGno
17. Jean-François aka "Attila30"FAlès-Empireno
18. Thom aka "Totolasticot"FParis5EmpireRedno
19. Yvan aka "TK-422"CHNeuchâtel70Empireno
20. Guillaume aka "Tapir"FCognin75Rebelsno
21. Adrien aka "ohrmuzd"FLambersart32Separatistsno
22. Florian aka "Willbohor"FLille57Empireno
23. Julien aka "Krakus"FAmbert-RebelsSWL FRno
24. Jeremy aka "ange-noir"FMably-Empireno
25. (anonym)-Rebelsno
26. Jimmy aka "Jimbo34"FFrontignan56EmpireMos Eisley Hunter’sno

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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