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Bolzplatz: Escaping Fate - List of Participants

1. Daniel aka "Dirty_Mike"DWolfsburg4Hunter's GuildDAS war nur einmal!yes
2. Christoph aka "MrMayo"DBraunschweig3The UnionDAS war nur einmal!yes
3. Florian aka "BLUTAXT"DNeumünster11Butcher's GuildWeltweiter thermonuklearer Kriegyes
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
4. Stefan aka "Demodor"DKöln22Butcher's GuildTop Tables Finestno
5. Maik aka "MrTiermund"DWilnsdorf-Butcher's GuildFischkriegerno
6. (anonym)-Farmer's Guildno

Distribution of Armies
Butcher's Guild:1
Hunter's Guild:1
The Union:1
Distribution of Origins
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