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Malifaux in Bordeaux III - List of Participants

1. Nicolas aka "korgal"FPessac1The Ten ThundersJouatoutno
2. Camille aka "Doreah"FHostens20The ArcanistsJouatoutno
3. Greg aka "DonkeyG"FHill valley-The Neverbornmoi-mêmeno
4. Gabriel aka "Elrok"FHostens31The GuildJouatoutno
5. William aka "Zanghjiao"FGradignan6The Ten ThundersG.U.I.L.Dno
6. Samuel aka "syco"FVillentrois10The Gremlinssaucisses cocktailsno
7. Giovanni aka "JellyRoll"FToulouse9The ResurrectionistsToulousains malins!no
8. Rémi aka "Gryff"FToulouse5The OutcastsToulousains malins!no
9. Benoît aka "Lyanae"FLe Pian Médoc12The OutcastsJouatoutno
10. Anthony aka "Maloken"FBordeaux37The Resurrectionistsmoi-mêmeno
11. Benjamin aka "Deadbrain"FTours2The Neverbornsaucisses cocktailsno
12. Carlos aka "Azkral"FToulouse106The NeverbornToulousains malins!no

Distribution of Armies
The Neverborn:3
The Outcasts:2
The Resurrectionists:2
The Ten Thunders:2
The Arcanists:1
The Gremlins:1
The Guild:1
Distribution of Origins
Gironde (33):6
Haute-Garonne (31):3
Indre (36):1
Indre-et-Loire (37):1
Loiret (45):1
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