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Election de l'Empereur de La 58éme Légion - List of Participants

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1. David aka "Eijo"FBelleville Sur Loire39Galactic RepublicLa 58ème Lègionnono
2. Fred aka "Zigzag"FPuiseaux127ResistanceACE Squadronnono
3. Romain aka "TYR-"FArpajon87Rebel AllianceACE Squadronnono
4. Romain aka "Tenz"FAubigny-sur-Nère1003Galactic Republicnono
5. Sébastien aka "veve"FAubigny Sur Nére320Galactic Republicnono
6. Aurélien aka "Alaedar"FSt Denis En Val15ResistanceOrléans Wargamesnono
7. Corentin aka "OveR2"FSaran5Galactic EmpireOrléans Wargamesnono
8. Célian aka "Shadow_Freddy"FLa Charite Sur Loire86Rebel AllianceLa 58ème Lègionnono
9. Benjamin aka "TicToc"FOrléans55Scum and VillainyOrléans Wargamesnono
10. Nolan aka "Argos"FSt florent sur cher376Scum and VillainyArgosnono
11. Julein aka "Sangohan"FArgent-Sur-Sauldre378Galactic EmpireMystiC Teamnono

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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