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Belgian Mercenaries - 9th Age goes to @HappyDés - 2nd edition - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Maximilien aka "tcho"BBernissart7The Vermin SwarmBelgian Mercenariesno
2. François aka "Jaina"FRouen11Empire of SonnstahlHOT&BASH Normandyno
3. Jeoffrey aka "Molkhiar"BTournai87Dread Elvesno
4. Tom aka "Dhoruil"BRoeselare76Highborn ElvesPink hordno
5. Christopher aka "Rothulf"BWemmel14Warriors of the Dark GodsBrussels Fanaticsno
6. Stéphane aka "Gandalf"BHerve27Highborn ElvesLiegendaryno
7. Luis aka "Merinus"NLMaastricht68The Vermin SwarmButcher's of the Southno
8. Gilles aka "Heleran"BKain107Empire of SonnstahlLa tour d'ébèneno
9. Florian aka "Kaass"BChaineux-Orcs and Goblinsno
10. Lionel aka "BloodyHell"BQuevaucamps-Dwarven HoldsT3 Huntersno
11. Guillaume aka "Ripper"BPéruwelz-Dread ElvesT3 Huntersno

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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