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40K NöMS 2020 - ITC Series Austria Summer - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Heinz aka "McGurk"ASt.Michael16Astra MilitarumTeam Styrianono
2. Christoph aka "Creezy"AGraz27Space MarinesTeam Styrianono
3. Kevin aka "Jani"ATrofaiach1Astra MilitarumTeam Styrianono
4. Peter aka "Oachkatzlschwoaf"AGraz4T'au EmpireTeam Styrianono
5. Armin aka "Arminivs"AGraz22Space MarinesTeam Styrianono
6. Markus aka "Maxamato"AKöflach9Dark AngelsTeam Styrianono
7. Clemens aka "InvictusIX"AGraz28T'au EmpireTeam Styrianono
8. Paul aka "primogenitor"ALeoben23Astra MilitarumTeam Styrianono
9. Niklas aka "p4per"ABad Sauerbrunn10OrksWarhoundsnono
10. Norbert aka "Norge70"AWiener Neustadt6Space MarinesOldstyle Hooligansnono
11. Aaron aka "Fat_Panda"AWiener Neustadt7Imperial KnightsOldstyle Hooligansnono
12. Thomas aka "Torab"AOberwaltersdorf17Space MarinesWarhoundsnono
13. Daniel aka "Wuif"AWiener Neustadt24Space MarinesWarhoundsnono
14. Christina aka "Chrisi"AWöllersdorf31Death GuardWarhoundsnono
15. Mario aka "eXception"AEisenstadt240T'au EmpireWulpertingernono

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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