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Spring Bashing Cup - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Eric aka "Top14"FMarseille163TyranidsSKULL’N’RHUMno0
2. Nicolas aka "feanikho"FMarseille138The Inquisitiondux Bellorum Terrano0
3. Stefan aka "mimolette13"FMarseille443OrksGreen dayno0
4. Fabrice aka "Krokodin"FMarseille198Adeptus CustodesSKULL’N’RHUMno0
5. Emeric aka "Gros_steak"FRollot6DeathwatchMargarita poolno0
6. Thomas aka "Hypafix"FMarseille1473The InquisitionGreen dayno0
7. Antonin aka "Nourrou"FMarseille489Imperial KnightsFrom the Starsno0
8. Julien aka "Wolfister"FSix-Fours Les Plages133Space WolvesWolf Brothersno0
9. Sebastien aka "SebB"FSix-Fours Les Plages5869Space MarinesWolf Brothersno0
10. Florian aka "FloCabane"FMarseille828Adeptus MechanicusTotal Rectalno0
11. David aka "Arhiman06"FMenton924Adeptus CustodesCCL 1no0
12. Pierre aka "Zhangfey"FLa Penne Sur Huveaune915Space WolvesFish and shipsno0
13. Depoulain aka "LordKrevart"FMenton1085Astra MilitarumCCL 1no0
14. Christian aka "Gugus"FCuges Les Pins-Blood AngelsLes newbiesno0
15. François aka "Freyn"FMarseille-Space MarinesLes newbiesno0
16. Hugo aka "Bunka"FMarseille718T'au EmpireFrom the Starsno0
17. Guillaume aka "Rorschach-"FSix-Fours393TyranidsSwarm of Basterdsno0
18. Kyllian aka "Kyllmaster"FToulon575Space MarinesSwarm of Basterdsno0
19. Stéphane aka "Warlock06"FMenton924Imperial KnightsCCL 2no0
20. Jeremie aka "Polo06"FRoquebrune Cap Martin1085Chaos Space MarinesCCL 2no0
21. Loic aka "Chamalo"FMarseille1353Blood AngelsEstoucadeno0
22. Adrien aka "RabbitMaster"FSeptèmes-les-Vallons23The InquisitionNerf This !no0
23. Nicolas aka "Niconico"FMarseille-Adepta SororitasNico Arnaudno0
24. Sebastien aka "Heru"FLa Destrousse-T'au EmpireEstoucadeno0
25. Benjamin aka "beni_to"FSeptemes Les Vallons-Space WolvesTotobno0
26. Thomas aka "Kitkaz"FVenelles-Adeptus MechanicusTotobno0
27. Jeremie aka "Jaykay"FSaint Julien1624Space MarinesFish and shipsno0

List of teams

Registered teams
1SKULL’N’RHUMTop14, Krokodin
2dux Bellorum Terrafeanikho
3Green daymimolette13, Hypafix
4Margarita poolGros_steak
5From the StarsNourrou, Bunka
6Wolf BrothersWolfister, SebB
7Total RectalFloCabane
8CCL 1Arhiman06, LordKrevart
9Fish and shipsZhangfey, Jaykay
10Les newbiesGugus, Freyn
11Swarm of BasterdsRorschach-, Kyllmaster
12CCL 2Warlock06, Polo06
13EstoucadeChamalo, Heru
14Nerf This !RabbitMaster
15Nico ArnaudNiconico
16Totobbeni_to, Kitkaz

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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