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Tournoi des Hommes du Lac - List of Participants

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1. Antoine aka "Crapax"FMartres-Tolosane144Cities of Sigmaryes
2. Jérémie aka "Tamaky"FCaragoudes139SkavenTeam Thalosyes
3. Kévin aka "Nihl31140"FSeilh122Orruk WarclansTeam Thalosyes
4. Christophe aka "Celtill"FSaint Alban161Maggotkin of NurgleMini Gotrekyes
5. Gabriel aka "Gavriel"FSaint Alban215SeraphonMini Gotrekyes
6. Yoahn aka "Way31"FMontgaillard-Lauragais371Ossiarch BonereapersTeam Thalosyes

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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