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Tournoi Saga Âge de la magie - List of Participants

1. Simon aka "simleviking"FLyon-Lords of the Wildno
2. Adrien aka "ghaust"FLyon-Lords of the Wildno
3. Matt aka "MattN"FLyon-Masters of the UndereathN/Ano
4. Yohann aka "Shob"FFontaine-Masters of the Undereathno
5. Guillaume aka "Loutre_Atomique"FVilleurbanne-Great Kingdomsno
6. Yves aka "Breizhar"FLyon-Great Kingdomsno
7. Nans aka "Lugburz"FJacob-Bellecombette-Masters of the Undereathno
8. Kévin aka "Ultimatum"FLa Ravoire-Hordeno

Distribution of Armies
Masters of the Undereath:3
Great Kingdoms:2
Lords of the Wild:2
Distribution of Origins
Rhône (69):4
Savoie (73):2
Isère (38):1
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