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A Song of Ice & Fire – Schlacht an der Ostfurt I - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Frank aka "Sir-Biefi"DFrankfurt (Oder)94BaratheonFrankfurter Würflergildeno
2. Norman aka "Nico_Robin"DFrankfurt (Oder)50StarkFrankfurter Würflergildeno
3. Steffen aka "Sence77"DFrankfurt (Oder)-Free FolkFrankfurter Würflergildeno
4. Oliver aka "Herostratos"DFrankfurt (Oder)-LannisterFrankfurter Würflergildeno
5. Felix aka "Failix"DLeipzig1LannisterTabletop Sachsenno
6. David aka "Crauti"DErkner94Starkno
7. Michael aka "Psychopath"DHainichen2Free FolkTabletop Sachsenno
8. Mathias aka "Sydion"DFrankfurt (Oder)84MercenariesFrankfurter Würflergildeno

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Distribution of Origins
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