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Arènes du Graoully - 40K - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Florian aka "Crataegus"FLongeville Les Saint Avold29Death GuardFuseurs Lorrainsno0
2. Anthony aka "Tomby"FMontigny-lès-Metz69Space WolvesFuseurs Lorrainsno0
3. Ludovic aka "Lugo"FStrasbourg16EldarFuseurs Lorrains 2no0
4. Cyrille aka "Chtamla"FZinswiller36Grey KnightsFuseurs Lorrains 2no0
5. Florian aka "Sowaa"FVillerupt531Imperial KnightsLicornes truquéesno0
6. Alexis aka "Octopus"FNancy1135Chaos Space MarinesLes Minimoisno0
7. Patrice aka "Black-Captain-57"FMontigny-Les-Metz295Chaos Space MarinesLCDP 2no0
8. Romain aka "BamSamael"FLe Ban St Martin646Astra MilitarumLCDP 2no0
9. Gregory aka "Ahrimou_du_Kranzer"FAltkirch803Chaos Space MarinesKranzer teamno0
10. Yoan aka "Silenoz"FVendenheim188OrksInstant Strastegiqueno0
11. Logan aka "clone02"FGries131T'au EmpireInstant Strastegiqueno0
12. Arnaud aka "OiLpO"FMolsheim173Chaos Space MarinesLes Tokardsno0
13. Sébastien aka "silversurfer"FMoyeuvre-Grande-Space WolvesLicorne truquée 2no0

List of teams

Registered teams
1Fuseurs LorrainsCrataegus, Tomby
2Fuseurs Lorrains 2Lugo, Chtamla
3Licornes truquéesSowaa
4Les MinimoisOctopus
5LCDP 2Black-Captain-57, BamSamael
6Kranzer teamAhrimou_du_Kranzer
7Instant StrastegiqueSilenoz, clone02
8Les TokardsOiLpO
9Licorne truquée 2silversurfer

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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