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Dies Irae 2020 - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Yacine aka "Yacine"FParis3388Space Marinesnono
2. Romuald aka "Bjorn_red_claws"FMORANGIS401The InquisitionDoux, Durs et Dinguesnono
3. Jean-Sebastien aka "jihess"FRouen3859Imperial Knightsnono
4. David aka "Mitraillette"FOrléans1098Death GuardChaos sans frontièresnono
5. Guillaume aka "gouille"Fchateauneuf sur loire603Adeptus Custodesla Guilde du Warpnono
6. Christophe aka "Brygnnar"FNoisy Le Sec985Grey KnightsDead Warnono

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Distribution of Origins
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