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Qualificaqtion IR Ile de France - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Aimée aka "Aimee"FSaint Germain en Laye36TyranidsFrom Nowhere Players 1no
2. Romain aka "Giggle"FJouy Le Moutier1379The InquisitionMGWA 2no
3. Nicolas aka "Nikotyr"FVauhallan754Imperial KnightsFrom Nowhere Players 2no
4. Curtis aka "Curtis_"FChatenay-Malabry-Thousand SonsFrom Nowhere Players 2no
5. Guillaume aka "blair_o"FPARIS155The InquisitionMGWA 2no
6. Martin aka "Axmar"FIssy les Moulineaux242EldarFrom Nowhere Players 2no
7. Clément aka "Keke"FVauhallan1636EldarFrom Nowhere Players 2no
8. Joé aka "Zolkov"FIssy-les-Moulineaux88YnnariFrom Nowhere Players 2no
9. Pierre aka "Poolky"FMaule238The InquisitionParis Unitedno
10. Pei-Yi aka "Sumeragi_Subaru"FVitry-Sur-Seine185Dark AngelsFrom Nowhere Players 2no
11. Pierre aka "Kork"FLa Rochette567T'au EmpireOSS 77 : Terra ne répond plusno
12. Olivier aka "Herpes"FSt Pierre Les Nemours1344The InquisitionOSS 77 : Terra ne répond plusno
13. Christophe aka "Yume95"FTaverny182OrksMGWA 1no
14. Julien aka "Akabane"FVersailles281HarlequinsFrom Nowhere Players 1no
15. Rémi aka "Requ-iem"FParis44Chaos DaemonsMGWA 1no

List of teams

Registered teams
1From Nowhere Players 1Aimee, Akabane
2MGWA 2Giggle, blair_o
3From Nowhere Players 2Nikotyr, Curtis_, Axmar, Keke, Zolkov, Sumeragi_Subaru
4Paris UnitedPoolky
5OSS 77 : Terra ne répond plusKork, Herpes
6MGWA 1Yume95, Requ-iem

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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