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La doublette Limousine AOS - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Thomas aka "Georgio"FRilhac-Rancon-Gloomspite GitzThe knight loofnono
2. Nicolas aka "Marsu"FLimoges338Stormcast EternalsLimoges Wargames 1nono
3. Patrick aka "Noji"FLimoges210Legions of NagashLimoges Wargames 1nono
4. Nicolas aka "Dadris"FToulouse-Idoneth DeepkinLes moissonneurs, corps et âmesnono
5. Benoît aka "Ragnarf"FMargaux174Cities of SigmarHoublon & Dragonsnono
6. Arthur aka "Space_Raclett3"FSaint Aubin Du Médoc199Stormcast EternalsHoublon & Dragonsnono
7. Florian aka "wilakor"FBourges-Ossiarch BonereapersLes moissonneurs, corps et âmesnono
8. Louis aka "Fafly"FParis444Orruk WarclansLes frères pétardnono
9. Damien aka "Poete"FMérignac190Legions of NagashPoésie Bordelaisenono
10. Rémi aka "Morgrom"FToulouse217Stormcast EternalsLes frères pétardnono

List of teams

Registered teams
1The knight loofGeorgio
2Limoges Wargames 1Marsu, Noji
3Les moissonneurs, corps et âmesDadris, wilakor
4Houblon & DragonsRagnarf, Space_Raclett3
5Les frères pétardFafly, Morgrom
6Poésie BordelaisePoete

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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