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TAK - List of Participants

1. Paul aka "Rim"FVernoux-en-Vivarais69Twilight Kinles rats corruptiblesno
2. Mehdi aka "Alphie"FLyon17Northern Allianceles rats corruptiblesno
3. Céline aka "sahtines"FSaint-saturnin50Forces of the Abyssno
4. Michel aka "Kutchuc"FToulouse5Twilight KinOrk'n azesno
5. Laurent aka "BOSS"FRodez-Orcsno

Distribution of Armies
Twilight Kin:2
Forces of the Abyss:1
Northern Alliance:1
Distribution of Origins
Ardèche (07):1
Aveyron (12):1
Charente (16):1
Haute-Garonne (31):1
Rhône (69):1
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