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X-Wing Store Championship 2020 - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Martin aka "Dragon_King"CHZürich1Scum and VillainyDagobah Salt Forcenono
2. Raphael aka "GreenDragoon"CHZürich6Separatist AllianceDagobah Swamp Forcenono
3. Martin aka "Heledar"CHZumikon18Galactic EmpireDagobah Salt Forcenono
4. Dome aka "Gamma310"CHLengnau9First OrderDagobah Swamp Forcenono
5. Mario aka "Jigsaw"CHGunzwil-Galactic Empirenono
6. Bernhard aka "von_Richthofen"AFeldkirch17Galactic EmpireX-Wing Unionnono
7. Willi aka "Narosch"CHBenglen15Galactic Republicnono
8. Sascha aka "Schattenmacht"CHBuochs7Scum and VillainyFlying Circusnono
9. Fabian aka "die_2"CHOberriet2Scum and VillainyX-Wing Unionnono
10. Sebastian aka "iki"CHBasel4Separatist Alliancenono
11. Stefan aka "Hollywolf"CHWil-Galactic EmpireGerriecomyesno
12. Timon aka "TimuK"CHSteffisburg12Rebel Alliancenono
13. Chris aka "Chriegi"CHAndelfingen-Resistancenono
14. Matthew aka "Hally"CHAndelfingen36Scum and Villainynono
15. Michael aka "Morewell"CHSion10Separatist AllianceSR2Anono
16. Eric R.CHWinterthur-Galactic Republicnono
17. Michael aka "DarkAngelus"AZwischenwasser13Scum and VillainyX-Wing Unionnono

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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