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Outpost X-Wing store championship 2020 - List of Participants

1. Jimmy aka "BB-H8"BBalen2ResistanceEgo Squadronno
2. Kevin aka "Caoimghin"BKortrijk26Rebel AllianceReplayno
3. Raphael aka "Rahfa"BBruxelles3Galactic EmpireR2T3no
4. Renaud aka "RUNZZ"BBruxelles8Scum and VillainyR2T3no
5. Paul aka "PAULOLAX"BBruxelles84Separatist AllianceR2T3no
6. Thibault aka "Flying_Thib"BBrussels108Rebel AllianceR2T3no
7. Steve aka "Frosty"BBeringen36First OrderEgo Squadronno
8. Sebastian aka "Whoopsteroids"BGent77First OrderChaser Squadronno
9. Olivier aka "DC-14"BBruxelles25Galactic EmpireR2T3no
10. Tim aka "Hargrim"BEkeren42Galactic RepublicXhammerno
11. Nick aka "Nicknack"BMechelen6Separatist AllianceEgo Squadronno
12. Benny aka "Mathsay"BTremelo208Separatist AllianceEgo Squadronno
13. Glenn aka "DeLaSoul"BDuffel56Scum and Villainyno
14. Patrick aka "tricki"BZoersel10Scum and VillainyXhammerno
15. Niek aka "Qanar"BEdegem21ResistanceEgo Squadronno
16. Bert aka "Banks"BLochristi45Scum and VillainyChaser Squadronno
17. Tijs aka "Tisten"BKortrijk141Scum and VillainyReplayno
18. Quentin aka "Eolthir"BBruxelles86Scum and VillainyBrussel's Crackersno
19. Mike aka "Sultanspike"BAssebroek-Scum and VillainySultans of X-wingno
20. Geert aka "Terondrius"BBrugge-Rebel AllianceSultans of X-wingno
21. Sebastian aka "DeDeKale"NLTerneuzen233Scum and Villainyno
22. Steve aka "Henniak"BBouffioulx23Galactic Empireno
23. Abel aka "Abel"NLTerneuzen-Galactic EmpireChaser Squadronno
24. Franz aka "Ranash"FQuimper-ResistanceTKTno

Distribution of Armies
Scum and Villainy:8
Galactic Empire:4
Rebel Alliance:3
Separatist Alliance:3
First Order:2
Galactic Republic:1
Distribution of Origins
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