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Elsass Summer Ligue #2 - List of Participants

1. Raphaël aka "le_roi_liche"FHuttenheim61Beast HerdsHome Sweat Homeyes
2. Julien aka "kraichti"FZillisheim157Dwarven HoldsSons of gamesyes
3. François aka "franz2411"FHoltzwihr507Kingdom of EquitaineBretzel Connectionyes
4. Amine aka "Minh"FIllzach214Dread ElvesSons of gamesyes
5. Maxime aka "yajirobe68"FMulhouse113Dwarven Holdsyes
6. Guillaume aka "Chien_Mauve"FSaulny33The Vermin SwarmCandy Blindersyes
7. Arthur aka "Caladris"FDiebolsheim439Highborn Elvesyes
8. Steven aka "Ezekiel57"FNancy7Undying DynastiesGrand Testyes

Distribution of Armies
Dwarven Holds:2
Beast Herds:1
Dread Elves:1
Highborn Elves:1
Kingdom of Equitaine:1
The Vermin Swarm:1
Undying Dynasties:1
Distribution of Origins
Haut-Rhin (68):4
Bas-Rhin (67):2
Meurthe-et-Moselle (54):1
Moselle (57):1
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