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Tournoi Bloodbowl des 15 légions 2e édition - List of Participants

1. William aka "Ashaba"FLe Havre602Orcsyesyes
2. Alexandre aka "Tichewie"FBolbec32ChaosLes Ultimes Guerriersyesyes
3. Jonathan aka "HappyKat"FBarentin63ChaosLes Ultimes Guerriersyesyes
4. Vincent aka "Eaglekan"FSaint Romain De Colbosc-OrcsLes Ultimes Guerriersyesyes
5. Nicolas aka "Elmanifico"FLe Havre-Wood Elvesyesyes
6. Pascal aka "Chework76210"FBolbec34OrcsLUG/CDL76yesyes
7. Paul aka "Bloodman40k"FSaussay55Dark ElvesLes Ultimes Guerriersyesyes

Distribution of Armies
Dark Elves:1
Wood Elves:1
Distribution of Origins
Seine-Maritime (76):5
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