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X-wing Brussels Open Air Rondelle Cup - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Raphael aka "Rahfa"BBruxelles3Galactic EmpireR2T3nono
2. Jonathan aka "Elda"BBruxelles1Galactic EmpireR2T3nono
3. Paul aka "PAULOLAX"BBruxelles84Separatist AllianceR2T3nono
4. Renaud aka "RUNZZ"BBruxelles8Scum and VillainyR2T3nono
5. Thibault aka "Flying_Thib"BBrussels108Rebel AllianceR2T3nono
6. Michael aka "McOneill"BOttignies-Louvain-La-Neuve10Rebel AllianceR2T3nono
7. Benoît aka "Aslar"BNamur15Rebel AllianceZ.S.M.F.Cnono
8. Steve aka "Henniak"BBouffioulx23Galactic Empirenono
9. Guillaume aka "Lorccan"FBerles-Au-Bois126Rebel AllianceFox squadronnono
10. Xavier aka "Cartazimut"BMons71Scum and VillainyCartazimutnono
11. Remy aka "DarkMaugan"BMarcinelle37Galactic RepublicCarolo Food Squadronnono
12. Arnault aka "Arnault"BGerpinnes12Galactic EmpireCarolo Food Squadronnono
13. Arnaud aka "Manda"BGerpinnes19Scum and VillainyCarolo Food Squadronyesno
14. Thomas aka "Gr1mbone"BTrazegnies76Scum and VillainyCarolo Food Squadronnono
15. Olivier aka "DC-14"BBruxelles26Galactic EmpireR2T3nono
16. Pierre aka "WolfPainting_Studio"BNamur-Scum and VillainyWolfpainting Studionono
17. Malika aka "WolfPaintingStudio"BNamur-Scum and VillainyWolfpainting Studionono
18. Johan aka "lauthian"BGesves43Scum and VillainyZ.S.M.F.Cnono

The tournament has reached the allowed limit of 18 players. Please contact the organizer for further details.

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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