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Bastards Ath War: Age of Sigmar - List of Participants

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1. Thierry aka "Castagnier"BHoudeng-Aimeries30Ossiarch BonereapersLa tour d’ébènenono
2. Thyron aka "Fjord"BHoudeng-Aimeries23Gloomspite GitzLa tour d’ébènenono
3. Joachim aka "keya"BWavre119Kharadron OverlordsInglourious Bastardsnono
4. Grégory aka "Psychoboy"BLillois-Witterzée8Blades of KhorneLa tour d’ébènenono
5. Maxime aka "Woodhell"BBruxelles89SkavenAudergamesnono
6. Tristan aka "biwis"BQuievrain85Orruk WarclansLa tour d’ébènenono
7. Quentin aka "Pigey"BBruxelles5Sylvanethnono
8. Kevin aka "Kuick"BBlicquy-Flesh-eater CourtsLa tour d’ébènenono
9. (anonym)-Gloomspite GitzLa tour d’ébènenono
10. Julien aka "papatissier"BBruxelles119Daughters of KhaineLa tour d’ébènenono
11. Jeremy aka "jerymaker"BBruxelles125Hedonites of SlaaneshInglourious Bastardsnono
12. Jonathan aka "Morghat"BObourg,saint-Denis-Cities of SigmarTEAM Jnono
13. Thomas C.BBruxelles-Orruk WarclansInglourious Bastardsnono
14. (anonym)-Kharadron OverlordsInglourious Bastardsnono
15. Mateusz aka "Torpille"BMouscron-Ossiarch Bonereapersnono
16. Emile aka "steamdaemon"BBruxelles-SeraphonInglourious Bastardsnono
17. Sebastien aka "koopa"BChatelineau164Disciples of Tzeentchnono
18. Jeremy aka "Motther"BAuderghem-SeraphonTEAM Jnono

The tournament has reached the allowed limit of 18 players. Please contact the organizer for further details.

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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