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2ème Coupe de France Kings Of War historique - List of Participants

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1. Kevin aka "Ketep"FAureil14MacedoniansMagisteres lemovices forbannisnono
2. Aurélien aka "Syd"FLouviers93SpartansLovériennono
3. Dieu aka "Shub-Niggurath"Les Montagnes Hallucinées21Mongolsnono
4. Christian aka "aleajactaest"FBrenthonne131Thracianssons of gamesnono
5. Frédéric aka "Markvart"FSotteville70ConquistadorsCRJHnono
6. Quentin aka "kentx"FRouen20JapaneseCRJHnono
7. Michel aka "Kutchuc"FToulouse7CarthaginiansOrk'n azesnono
8. Christophe aka "wouf"FNevers9IndianLes Hérault de Moriganenono
9. Alain aka "Sanglior"FCouy32ConquistadorsLes Hérauts de Morriganenono
10. Nicolas aka "Nayko_le_Rat"FLyon12CrusadersLes Rats Corruptiblesnono

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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