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Malifaux Summer Splash 2020 - List of Participants

1. Simon aka "Hiren"DBerlin45The GuildJustice Leagueyesyes
2. Karl aka "mrknabber"DBerlin30The GuildJustice Leagueyesyes
3. Jan aka "sanjuro"DBerlin97The Resurrectionistsyesyes
4. Bernd aka "Heldi"DBerlin27The NeverbornOut of the Breachyesyes
5. Olaf aka "Halo"DBerlin188The GuildOut of the Breachyesyes
6. Julian aka "DerSkalde"DBerlin14The ResurrectionistsOut of the Breachyesyes
7. Falco aka "Graf"DBerlin-The Resurrectionistsyesyes
8. Matthias aka "Lykai22"DBerlin-The GuildJustice Leagueyesyes
9. Oliver aka "jimraynor"DBerlin90The GuildJustice Leagueyesyes
10. Fernando aka "vashu"DBerlin-The GuildLess QQ, More Pew Pewyesyes

Distribution of Armies
The Guild:6
The Resurrectionists:3
The Neverborn:1
Distribution of Origins
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