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Vivere Militare est IV (3 von 5) - List of Participants

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1. Aaron aka "Fat_Panda"AWiener Neustadt10The InquisitionOne and two half mennono
2. Stefan aka "Double_O"AHurenhausen1Adeptus CustodesGolden army of bling blingnono
3. Norbert aka "Norge70"AWiener Neustadt4Space MarinesOne and two half mennono
4. Kevin aka "Jani"ATrofaiach2Space MarinesTeam Styrianono
5. Peter aka "chiefmaster1"ASalzburg6Space Marinesnono
6. Clemens aka "InvictusIX"AGraz29T'au EmpireTeam Styrianono
7. Kevin aka "Ahzek"AKlagenfurt9Chaos Space MarinesCarinthian Conqueror´snono
8. Enno aka "Enno123"AKlagenfurt79Adeptus MechanicusCarinthian Conqueror´snono
9. Lukas aka "Luktra"APoggersdorf15NecronsCarinthian Conqueror´snono
10. Dominik aka "Tolkin"AWolfsberg42Adeptus MechanicusCarinthian Conqueror´snono
11. Thomas aka "Dankanikus"APoggersdorf60EldarCarinthian Conqueror´snono
12. Andreas aka "Flawles"AVillach11Chaos DaemonsTeam Styrianono

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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