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L'équipée sauvage - List of Participants

1. Benoît aka "Ragnarf"FMargaux199Cities of SigmarHoublon et dragonyesyes
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
2. Jérémie aka "Tamaky"FToulouse128Legions of NagashRises of the deadnono
3. Yoahn aka "Way31"FMontgaillard-Lauragais449Ossiarch BonereapersRises of the deadyesno
4. Antoine aka "Crapax"FMartres-Tolosane284Slaves to DarknessStorm harbingeryesno
5. Nicolas aka "Dadris"FToulouse-Idoneth DeepkinSoulmate Seekernono
6. Arthur aka "Space_Raclett3"FSaint Aubin Du Médoc231Stormcast EternalsHoublon et dragonnoyes
7. Christophe aka "Green"FMontesquieu Lauragais-Stormcast EternalsÉquipe Anono
8. Davide aka "Dawa"FSaint Orens De Gameville-Disciples of TzeentchStorm harbingernono

List of teams

1Houblon et dragonRagnarf
Registered teams
2Rises of the deadTamaky, Way31
3Storm harbingerCrapax, Dawa
4Soulmate SeekerDadris
5Houblon et dragonSpace_Raclett3
6Équipe AGreen

Distribution of Armies
Cities of Sigmar:1
Distribution of Origins
Gironde (33):1
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