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AoS Day in Team - List of Participants

1. Philippe aka "sam"FVERSAILLES1FyreslayersEsprit ludiqueno
2. Thibaut aka "Arkadhim"FSeclin132Ossiarch BonereapersHaut Death France Team Bno
3. Michael aka "Miladin"FParis2Disciples of TzeentchEsprit ludiqueno
4. Maxime aka "Pippin"FHazebrouck78Cities of SigmarLes Chatards 1no
5. Mateusz aka "Torpille"BMouscron88Ossiarch BonereapersHaut Death France Cno
6. Valentin aka "Nightwish59"FArmentieres48Beasts of ChaosHaut Death France Team Bno
7. Timoté aka "Fouraz"FRoubaix100Stormcast EternalsHaut Death France Cno
8. Vincent aka "Lepoete"FTourcoing45Legions of NagashHaut Death France Cno
9. Enzo aka "waren59"FRonchin89Gloomspite GitzHaut death France Ano
10. Franck aka "Goul"FVilleneuve d Ascq6SylvanethHaut death France Ano
11. Olivier aka "Alienmorphe"FLambersart83SeraphonHaut death France Ano
12. Mickaël aka "Ecktellion"FLille54Ossiarch BonereapersHaut Death France Team Bno
13. Christophe aka "salchr"FVersailles20SeraphonEsprit ludiqueno
14. Bryan aka "Bird-of-Prey"BChaumont-Gistoux-Ogor MawtribesBattle Brotherno
15. Timothy aka "Le-Rat-Cornu"BBierges-SkavenBattle Brotherno
16. Jonathan aka "Johnytoy"BBierges-Ossiarch BonereapersBattle Brotherno
17. Michael aka "PyroVegeta"FLomme208Disciples of TzeentchLes Chatards 1no
18. Loïc aka "Alloyshark"FLa Chapelle D'armentières386Ossiarch BonereapersLes Chatards 1no

The tournament has reached the allowed limit of 18 players. Please contact the organizer for further details.

List of teams

1Esprit ludiquesam, Miladin, salchr
2Haut Death France Team BArkadhim, Nightwish59, Ecktellion
3Les Chatards 1Pippin, PyroVegeta, Alloyshark
4Haut Death France CTorpille, Fouraz, Lepoete
5Haut death France Awaren59, Goul, Alienmorphe
6Battle BrotherBird-of-Prey, Le-Rat-Cornu, Johnytoy

Distribution of Armies
Ossiarch Bonereapers:5
Disciples of Tzeentch:2
Beasts of Chaos:1
Cities of Sigmar:1
Gloomspite Gitz:1
Legions of Nagash:1
Ogor Mawtribes:1
Stormcast Eternals:1
Distribution of Origins
Nord (59):11
Bouches-du-Rhône (13):3
Yvelines (78):2
Paris (75):1
Seine-et-Marne (77):1
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