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Rotomagus Parvus - List of Participants

1. Arthur aka "AVL"FBueil24Northern Allianceno
2. Quentin aka "kentx"FRouen22Kingdoms of MenCRJHno
3. Julien aka "Falanirm"FGaillon44Order of the Green LadyCRJHno
4. Clément aka "Leff"FLery46Forces of the AbyssCRJHno
5. Frédéric aka "Markvart"FSotteville75Kingdoms of MenCRJHno
6. Alexandre aka "Split"FMalaunay-DwarfsSplitno

Distribution of Armies
Kingdoms of Men:2
Forces of the Abyss:1
Northern Alliance:1
Order of the Green Lady:1
Distribution of Origins
Eure (27):3
Seine-Maritime (76):3
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