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French Single Cup 2020/2021, Coupe Nord-Ouest - List of Participants

1. Frederic aka "muetdhiver"FParis58SkavenLes Piliers de Taverneyesyes
2. Christopher aka "thortof"FOuistreham377Blades of Khorneyesyes
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
3. Augustin aka "Leth"FNeuilly sur Seine59Disciples of TzeentchLes Piliers de Tavernenoyes
4. Jaf aka "fLnJ"FEaubonne36SeraphonLes Piliers de Taverneyesno
5. Sébastien aka "Rorqual"FEnghien-Les-Bains79Idoneth DeepkinLes Piliers de Tavernenono
6. Teddy aka "Bulders"FCruseilles105FyreslayersHerlen.teddy@laposte.netnono
7. Thibault aka "Ankor"FParis205Blades of KhorneLes Piliers de Taverneyesno
8. Nicolas aka "Polish"FLe Havre426Ogor MawtribesLicornes Havraiseyesno
9. Paul aka "Neow"FSuresnes6Stormcast EternalsEsprit Ludiquenono
10. Marc-Antoine aka "Lucifel"FLe Havre265Grand Alliance OrderLicornes Havraiseyesno
11. Sébastien aka "Seby"FLe Havre-Ossiarch BonereapersLicornes Havraiseyesno
12. Jordy aka "Finiarela"FLes Lilas28Legions of Nagashnono
13. Mateusz aka "Torpille"BMouscron37Grand Alliance OrderHaut Death Franceyesno
14. Michael aka "Miladin"FParis2Blades of KhorneEsprit Ludiquenono
15. Jbdeb aka "Arthenon"FParis50Slaves to DarknessEsprit Ludiquenono
16. Florian aka "Luffy76300"FSotteville-lès-Rouen63SeraphonEsprit ludiqueyesno
17. Albert aka "Irases"FEqueurdreville308Hedonites of Slaaneshyesno
18. Alexandre aka "Chico50"FCherbourg en Cotentin200SeraphonLes Lutins du Cotentinnono
19. Michael aka "Jonshannow"FEaubonne24Ossiarch BonereapersLes Piliers de Tavernenono
20. Mathieu aka "Matou"FBréteil148Cities of Sigmaryesno
21. Franck aka "Goul"FVilleneuve d Ascq5Disciples of TzeentchHaut Death Franceyesno
22. Vincent aka "Kartel"FTourcoing39Grand Alliance DeathHaut Death Franceyesno
23. Adam aka "bendji54_Chipper"FCherbourg-Ossiarch BonereapersLes Lutins du Cotentinyesno
24. Charles aka "Helscar"FPré Saint Gervais144Cities of SigmarSect of Monksyesno
25. Clément aka "DOLBY"FSuresnes131Stormcast EternalsArcadiayesno
26. Philippe aka "sam"FVERSAILLES4FyreslayersEsprit Ludiqueyesno
27. Romain aka "MisterZa"FSaint Leu La Foret111Kharadron OverlordsLes 1D100nono
28. Philippe aka "Redzep"FParis149Legions of NagashLes Piliers de Tavernenono
29. David aka "Lonewolf31"FSainte-Geneviève-Des-Bois381Stormcast Eternalsnono
30. Rodrigue aka "guidrim"FLe Havre-SylvanethLicornes Havraiseyesno
31. Camille aka "Loukrage"FParis22Orruk WarclansSect of Monksnono
32. Valentin aka "Nightwish59"FArmentieres32Daughters of KhaineHaut Death Franceyesno
33. Vincent aka "RazielMK666"FLille228Kharadron Overlordsnono
34. Henri aka "RiriTheCap"FLe Havre-Ogor MawtribesUltime Combat Dinozogreyesno
35. Wilfried aka "Wagner"FLagny Sur Marne-SeraphonUltime Combat Dinozogreyesno
36. Alexander aka "Laz"FVincennes217FyreslayersSect of Monksnono
37. Enzo aka "waren59"FRonchin42Tamurkhan’s HordeHaut Death Franceyesno
38. Olivier aka "Alienmorphe"FLambersart43Grand Alliance OrderHaut Death Franceyesno
39. Thibaut aka "Arkadhim"FSeclin107Ogor MawtribesHaut Death Franceyesno
40. Timoté aka "Fouraz"FRoubaix77SeraphonHaut Death Franceyesno
41. Quentin aka "Paraker"FLe Havre-Ogor MawtribesParakeryesno
42. Christophe aka "Kristof"FOsny644Maggotkin of NurgleMGWAyesno
43. Romain aka "S1lv3rj4ck"FErmont-Blades of Khornenono

Distribution of Armies
Blades of Khorne:1
Distribution of Origins
Calvados (14):1
Paris (75):1
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