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11. Mandal Cup Rostock - List of Participants

1. Hans aka "LordCroppe"DRostock-First OrderTabletop Rostockyes
2. Ole aka "ole"DRostock450Scum and VillainyTabletop Rostockyes
3. Martin aka "Maddin"DRostock334Scum and VillainyTabletop Rostockyes
4. Arno aka "Belisarion"DUeckermünde289First Orderyes
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
5. Danny aka "Ragulsor"DNeumünster44Galactic RepublicNordmännerno
6. Lukas aka "Startling"DFlensburg40Galactic EmpireTeam Icarusno
7. Mirco aka "Yokkel"DLübeck186Galactic RepublicLudo Liubice e.V.no
8. Mathias aka "Cryt"DLübeck765Scum and VillainyLudo Liubice e.V.no
9. Philipp aka "Philbot3000"DRostock-Separatist Allianceno
10. Dirk aka "Asmo"DRostock789First OrderTabletop Rostockno
11. Jörg aka "Didi"DStockelsdorf1002Rebel AllianceLudo Liubice e.V.no

Distribution of Armies
First Order:2
Scum and Villainy:2
Distribution of Origins
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