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Malifaux September Turnier 2020 - List of Participants

1. Fernando aka "vashu"DBerlin129The GuildBurn baby Burnyesyes
2. Emanuel aka "kingmighty"DBerlin69The Outcastsyesyes
3. Karl aka "mrknabber"DBerlin7The NeverbornDreamTeamyesyes
4. Jan aka "Prinz_Jan"DKöln6The GremlinsTop Tables' Finestyesyes
5. Sven aka "Droggi"DKöln105The GremlinsTop Tables' Finestyesyes
6. Markus aka "REM________"DKöln25The ResurrectionistsTop Tables' Finestyesyes
7. Simon aka "Hiren"DBerlin18The NeverbornDreamTeamyesyes
8. Adam aka "Nisz"PLOpole210The ArcanistsPolandBallyesyes
9. Bernd aka "Heldi"DBerlin17The Ten ThundersOut of the Breachyesyes
10. Julian aka "DerSkalde"DBerlin5The Ten ThundersOut of the Breachyesyes

Distribution of Armies
The Gremlins:2
The Neverborn:2
The Ten Thunders:2
The Arcanists:1
The Guild:1
The Outcasts:1
The Resurrectionists:1
Distribution of Origins
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