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Octomitus - List of Participants

1. Jérôme aka "Berzy"FCarcassonne244Chaos Space MarinesGrabugeyesyes
2. Dimitri aka "madBiker"FCastelginest1771T'au EmpireThalosyesyes
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
3. Julien aka "Bubu"FToulouse-Chaos DaemonsMachomen'syesno
4. Julien aka "LordOfBisounours"FCastanet-Tolosan630Grey KnightsSon's of chacolatineyesno
5. Hugo aka "Rouages"FToulouse631The Inquisitionnono
6. Jean-Marie aka "Chestnut"FToulouse402TyranidsMachomen'snono
7. Jordi aka "K2NASS"Falbi328Adeptus CustodesSuper onenono
8. Yoann aka "yolu"FPort La Nouvelle115HarlequinsSudUniteDnono
9. Greg aka "KAISER81"FLe Garric369Astra MilitarumGood Day to killyesno
10. Rémy aka "Onitsha"FMauguio1149Chaos KnightsLes Manants des Sourcesyesno
11. Arthur aka "tutur"FToulouse200Adepta SororitasMachomen'snono
12. François aka "Silme"FMontgiscard1775EldarSon's of chacolatineyesno
13. David aka "Aries4"FPamiers618Space MarinesLTC+Seigneurs de l'impériumnono
14. Stéphane aka "makari32"FL'isle-Jourdain769Imperial KnightsWargames 32nono
15. Julien aka "Laguinche"FAgen601Death Guardnono
16. Emmanuel aka "ManuP"FBeauzelle333Chaos Space MarinesWargames 32yesno

Distribution of Armies
Chaos Space Marines:1
T'au Empire:1
Distribution of Origins
Aude (11):1
Haute-Garonne (31):1
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