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X-wing Brussels Rondelle Cup 2 - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Raphael aka "Rahfa"BBruxelles3Scum and VillainyR2T3nono
2. Renaud aka "RUNZZ"BBruxelles5Scum and VillainyR2T3nono
3. Thibault aka "Flying_Thib"BBrussels47Galactic EmpireR2T3nono
4. Steve aka "Henniak"BBouffioulx19Galactic Empirenono
5. Jonathan aka "Elda"BBruxelles2Galactic EmpireR2T3nono
6. Paul aka "PAULOLAX"BBruxelles32Separatist AllianceR2T3nono
7. Xavier aka "Cartazimut"BMons68Scum and VillainyCartazimutnono
8. Jimmy aka "BB-H8"BBalen1ResistanceEgo Squadronnono
9. Glenn aka "DeLaSoul"BDuffel28Galactic EmpireEgo Squadronnono
10. Niek aka "Qanar"BEdegem18Rebel AllianceEgo Squadronnono
11. Alex aka "Bellor"Bliege178Galactic Republicnono
12. Olivier aka "DC-14"BBruxelles23First OrderR2T3nono
13. Steve aka "Frosty"BBeringen29First OrderEgo Squadronnono
14. Arnault aka "Arnault"BGerpinnes11Galactic EmpireCarolo food squadronnono
15. Arnaud aka "Manda"BGerpinnes12Scum and VillainyCarolo food squadronyesno
16. Marie-Laure aka "Dyson"BHam-Sur-Heure278Scum and VillainyCarolo food squadronnono
17. Thomas aka "Gr1mbone"BTrazegnies74Galactic RepublicCarolo food squadronnono
18. Remy aka "DarkMaugan"BMarcinelle17Galactic RepublicCarolo food squadronnono
19. Luca aka "Captain_Boudin"BBruxelles-First Ordernono
20. Robbert v.BRoosdaal-Rebel Alliancenono
21. Alexandre aka "Morane"BOverijse21First OrderR2T3nono
22. Laurent aka "Auramagma"BHognoul8Scum and Villainynono
23. Julien aka "godtbilator"BBruxelles-Rebel AllianceLe bunkernono
24. Laurent aka "Kobayashi"BAnderlecht-Scum and VillainyR2T3nono
25. Nick aka "Nicknack"BMechelen4Separatist AllianceEgo Squadronnono

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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