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L'Aigle en Furie III - List of Participants

1. Joffrey aka "Graou90"FAnjoutey291Chaos Space MarinesAlsalégionyesyes
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
2. Laurent aka "Otto_von_Bismarck"FBesançon1155Space MarinesAigles Séquanesnono
3. Charles aka "Carlos_70"FVesoul-The InquisitionAigles Séquanesyesno
4. Romain aka "Nym"FBesançon1404OrksAigles Séquanesnono
5. Jean-Louis aka "Finistonrose"FBesançon547Adepta SororitasAigles Séquanesnono
6. Clément aka "Dod_unicorn"FBesançon927Chaos KnightsAigles Séquanesnono
7. Philippe aka "Azrook"FBesançon975Adeptus MechanicusAigles Séquanesyesno
8. Nicolas aka "Rudy_Voller"FBesançon1699T'au Empirenono
9. Richard aka "Odibius"FBesançon524Space Marinesnono
10. Julien aka "The_Executeur"FBavans615Space Marinesnono
11. Alban aka "pierrealban70"FMontfaucon2139Space Marinesnono
12. Mathieu aka "sairuss"FBesançon1063TyranidsAigles Séquanesnono

Distribution of Armies
Chaos Space Marines:1
Distribution of Origins
Territoire-de-Belfort (90):1
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